Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Fronius chargers for heavy-duty forklifts Selectiva 4.0 96V and 120V product range

Easy mastering of heavy-duty applications

Selectiva 4.0 96V and 120V chargers for heavy duty applications

High availability thanks to smart engineering

We rely on the highest quality standards of our charging solutions. Our chargers are particularly robust and durable and thanks to their low failure rate we can ensure high availability of your forklift fleet. Convincing five-year warranty * included.

Ready for the digital future

The Selectiva 4.0 96V / 120V chargers are ready for a connection to our software solution Charge & Connect. Benefit from a new transparency and manage your entire charging infrastructure from one single point.

Optimized charging process and low operating costs

Our chargers offer functions with real added value - whether external start/stop to increase user safety, time-controlled charging to take advantage of favorable electricity tariffs, or regeneration of deeply discharged batteries.

Charge powerful batteries even more efficiently: The optimal option for your application

Electric forklift trucks with a high load capacity are often operated with two powerful traction batteries. In this case, an efficient charging process is particularly important. On the one hand, to protect the batteries and extend their service life and, on the other hand, to avoid high state of charge deviations of the batteries. High state-of-charge deviations can occur if the batteries are handled incorrectly (e.g. if they are removed too early). These can lead to high equalization currents when the batteries are connected to the vehicle, causing damage to the batteries and the vehicle.

Our charging solutions help you optimize your charging process and sustainably reduce your overall costs. The Selectiva 4.0 96V and 120V product range offers a comprehensive additional range, ideally tailored to your individual requirements.     

Temperature-controlled charging

If your batteries are charged outdoors, high temperature fluctuations can occur. Therefore our chargers can be equipped with a temperature sensor. The temperature of the battery is controlled during charging and the charging process is adjusted accordingly. This protects the battery and increases its service life.

Charger InterLock

Equal charging of lead-acid batteries? The Fronius Charger InterLock does it all. With the help of the Charger InterLock, the charging process of two connected batteries can be "locked". This prevents the states of charge from shifting and ensures that both batteries are charged evenly. Your advantages? Minimized equalizing currents between the batteries, prevention of one-sided discharge and thus longer battery life.

Air-Puls (ECS)

The pneumatic electrolyte circulation enables efficient and gentle charging of your traction batteries. This increases their service life and reduces your operating costs.

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