Perfect Charging

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Perfect Charging

Intelligent battery sensor technology We simplify your daily (charging) routine sustainably

TagID guided charging

TagID with temperature sensor

We believe that charging forklift truck batteries should be efficient, sustainable and, at the same time, as easy as possible. With TagID guided charging, this is now a reality.

Our intelligent battery sensor technology helps you to increase the availability of your forklift fleet, decrease running costs and reduce internal handling effort.It also improves user safety.

And the best thing about it: you only need to equip your lead-acid batteries with a TagID and a Selectiva 4.0 charger - our products take care of everything else.

TagID guided charging – ensures that your batteries are always taken care off – without any manual effort

Advantages and functions of battery monitoring using TagID

Our intelligent battery sensor system continuously measures various physical parameters of the lead-acid battery. Based on the processed data, the charger operates a particular and efficient charging.
Powerful rechargeable battery forklift

Automatic Battery Care – For the sake of your battery

Automatic Ionic Circulation

The integrated level sensor helps you to detect when battery water needs to be topped up. Thanks to Automatic Ionic Circulation, acid stratification in the battery is prevented.

Your advantage: a longer battery life.

Automatic Desulfation

Deeply discharged batteries are detected and the desulfation of the battery is started automatically. No manual settings are necessary anymore. 

Your advantage: maximum availability with the all-round carefree package.

TagID Plug & Charge

Plug & Charge – Plug in and charge more efficiently than ever before

Continuously reduce energy costs with the Intelligent Equalising Charge

With the Intelligent Equalising Charge, we ensure that an equalising charge is only carried out when the battery actually needs it. As a result, energy efficiency can be increased by up to 4 %. This saves energy costs and makes a significant contribution to more sustainability.


Save time thanks to the Self-Configuration Curve

With TagID guided charging, characteristic curves no longer have to be set manually. The charging curve adapts flexibly to the condition of your batteries. An optimal charge is thus ensured at all times. Manual settings are a thing of the past.


Well-equipped for any temperature

Particularly high or low temperatures can significantly reduce battery life. That’s why the TagID is by default equipped with a temperature sensor that automatically adjusts charging to the battery temperature. This ensures a high availability and long battery life even under extreme conditions.

Implementation and configuration of the sensor made easy

TagId Config App

Using the NFC interface, the TagID can be configured quickly and easily via the TagID Config app. The user-friendly interface of our app assists in entering the few necessary parameters. The TagID automatically checks whether the voltage value entered during configuration matches the actual measured value. Deviations are detected immediately and consequential damage is thus effectively prevented.
TagID Config App

Lead-acid wet batteries and gel batteries

Both lead-acid wet batteries and gel batteries can be charged in an optimised way with TagID guided charging.

For gel batteries, the TagID with a temperature sensor is the preferred choice. When using wet batteries, the TagID+ with temperature sensor and level sensor should be used.

Icon TagID / TagID+

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