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Perfect Charging

Your professional tool in the workshop

The wide range of electronic components installed in modern vehicles makes battery charging systems an essential tool for workshop operators. Fronius offers a comprehensive portfolio of electronically safe and reliable battery charging systems for use in motor vehicle and commercial vehicle workshops. These compact devices ensure a reliable power supply and efficient charge for all types of starter battery, preventing unwanted discharge, costly damage and guaranteeing short servicing times for your customers.

Battery maintenance as customer service and for brand management

Owing to the increasing number of electronic systems, the energy requirements of modern vehicles are constantly growing. The alternator alone can no longer compensate for this, particularly if the vehicle is mainly used for short journeys. This results in battery problems due to the negative charge balance. Low ambient temperatures in particular mean that drivers are encountering battery failures and difficulties starting the vehicle on a more regular basis. If the vehicle is left unused for long periods, for example when the driver is on holiday, this leads to self-discharge of the battery.


For this reason, modern cars need a substantial recharge whenever they come into the workshop, allowing the vehicles to receive the maximum possible power boost in the limited time that the vehicle is in for servicing. This reduces the damage resulting from sulphated batteries and improves the starting capability.


Fronius battery charging systems in the Acctiva series have been designed for rapid and efficient charging. The flexible devices are capable of charging various types of starter battery with up to 70 A (depending on the model) for a full charge, restoring the starting capability within minutes. This helps you as a workshop operator to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied with their vehicle and service engineer.

Power supply during servicing

Most vehicles come into the workshop for servicing with a depleted battery. This is because the vehicle’s high energy requirements – in particular during short journeys – can no longer be compensated for by the alternator alone. The vehicle’s energy consumption is normally high even during servicing: open doors, interior lighting and active electronic systems place additional strain on the already depleted battery. The result is frequent starting problems following servicing or complaints regarding defective batteries shortly after the vehicle’s visit to the workshop.


Fronius Acctiva battery charging systems facilitate problem-free servicing. Thanks to a reliable and constant power supply, the devices prevent unwanted discharge, ensuring that each vehicle leaves the workshop with maximum battery power. This extends the service life of the batteries and increases customer satisfaction.

Diagnosis & software updates

A constant power supply to the vehicle electrical system is vital during diagnosis and repair work in the workshop. Energy consumption is especially high during software updates for control unit flash memories: this causes the engine management to simulate emergency running conditions of the engine, leaving many electrical components on full power for the duration of the memory update. With large engines, a 65 A current can be flowing for more than 90 minutes, whereas 45 A for 30 minutes is standard in smaller engines.


If the vehicle voltage drops to below 12 V during this process, the flash operation is cancelled by the system. This can cause irreparable damage to the control unit, incurring costs of €300 to €3,000 for a replacement part – not including additional labour costs. Unfortunately, the workshop operator has to bear these costs if no battery charging system or the wrong battery charging system is used to supply power during diagnosis or software updates.


The Acctiva Professional series of portable battery charging systems from Fronius offers a solution that provides a reliable power source for the vehicle during diagnosis and software updates. Up to 70 A guarantees that the batteries are fully charged and capable of starting in just a few minutes. Back-up mode ensures that user settings in the vehicle are retained when the battery is changed and power supply mode guarantees a constant energy supply without any support from the battery. The I-Check automatic power consumption test can also be used to determine whether a discharged battery is faulty or still functional.

Commissioning new vehicles

New vehicles are often in transit for a long time before they reach their destination and, in many cases, the battery is in a poor state by the time the vehicle reaches the dealer. Handing the new vehicle over with the battery in this condition will inevitably lead to complaints. Servicing the battery before handing the vehicle over to the customer is already standard procedure in most workshops.


Some car manufacturers program their new vehicles with a basic factory setting that is only sufficient for the needs of the journey from the factory to the local dealer. Enabling and programming the entire electrical system for commissioning the vehicle does not take place until it gets there. If the vehicle voltage falls below 12 V, the process is cancelled by the system and must be started again from scratch. In addition to time lost, this can also cause irreparable damage to the control unit.


Fronius Acctiva battery charging systems also ensure a reliable power supply during the commissioning of new vehicles. Well-known car manufacturers trust in the outstanding quality of our systems and recommend them for use in the workshop and showroom, sometimes even making their use mandatory.

Delivery of the new vehicle to the customer

Before a vehicle is delivered to the customer, many manufacturers perform a standard workshop procedure in which all important systems are tested one last time. It is important to take extra care with the battery at this final stage, as it may have become partially discharged during periods of inactivity or during servicing. Unless the battery has been connected to a battery charging system, the customer will be driving off the forecourt with a depleted battery.


For this reason, Fronius has developed the Acctiva Professional Flash battery charging system. The system compensates for increased energy consumption during the testing procedure whilst supplying the battery with power at the same time. Thanks to Acctiva Professional Flash, the starting capability of the battery is restored in just a few minutes, allowing your customer to leave the dealership with a fully-charged battery.

Maintenance of storage batteries

Storage batteries often go unused for several weeks at a time, during which it is normal for self-discharge of the battery to occur during storage. The battery will become increasingly sulphated if it is not recharged promptly – in the worst-case scenario, the damage to the battery is so severe that it must be disposed of. The purchase of a new battery therefore generates unnecessary costs.


Fronius also offers efficient and powerful solutions for the maintenance of storage batteries. Fronius battery charging systems boast intuitive operation, greatly simplifying day-to-day work for you and your employees. The compact devices with a robust housing can be used wherever they are needed, helping to prevent unwanted discharge. In addition, our battery charging systems also feature a refresh mode for reactivating deep-discharged batteries.

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