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Certifications: Keeping quality & sustainability in mind at all times

Certificates of Fronius International

Production at Fronius: High quality, efficient and sustainable

As far as Fronius is concerned, quality, sustainability, information security and safety in the workplace are not just buzzwords: they are a central component of our corporate culture. This is why Fronius has been awarded

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001)
  • ONR 192500
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 50001 (certification planned for 2024)

certification and commits to the important standards for environmental protection and safety. 

Production processes and organisation

  • We manufacture on a client order-specific basis, offer standardised delivery classes and generally dispatch products within three days.
  • Our production logistics are organised according to the Kanban principle, a special scheduling system that guarantees short supply cycles and minimal work in progress.
  • Lean management and standardisation ensure that we are constantly improving our highly efficient production facilities.

Sustainability and workplace safety on the production line

  • Sustainability lies at the heart of everything we do. This is reflected not just in our products, but also in the production of individual components. Together we are making a contribution to conserving resources and improving quality of life.
  • The health and safety of our employees and service providers is of particular importance to us. We therefore implement the strictest safety standards in every one of the company's manufacturing facilities.

Overview of our certifications

The commitment to quality has been a central component of our company policy for many years. Our quality management system was certified according to ISO 9001 as early as 1993 in the course of an external audit.

/ We permanently ensure that the quality of our products and services globally satisfies the relevant needs and is appropriately validated. So we create optimal benefits for our customers and effectively contribute to our long-term prosperity. 

/ Ensuring quality also accompanies us in our cooperation with external partners. In this regard, we implement measures that ensure the conformity of services and continue to inspire our customers.

/ Our leadership team acts as role model and ensures knowledge-transfer to our staff. We achieve knowledge-growth and retention by continuous education and learning.

/ Every single employee is fully aware of his personal responsibility for quality and acts accordingly. This promotes excellent product-, process- and service quality, for both hard- and software components.

/ The awareness of the importance of cross-functional cooperation guides us when designing our processes. We think and act process-oriented in order to achieve excellent overall-results.Quality objectives are based on the relevant requirements for our products, processes and services. Performance indicators enable us to systematically detect deficiencies.

/ When faced with conflicts of quality-, financial- or timeline-goals, we take balanced decisions oriented on a corporate overall-view and a conscious consideration of risks.

/ We constructively utilize experienced deficiencies. We use them to learn, refine ourselves and to further improve our products, processes and services.

/ We continuously improve our quality management system and exploit synergies with the other existing management systems.

Fronius operates an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and is committed to the following points:

/ The aim is to harmonise ecology and economy and to promote environmental protection in all areas of the company.

/ Relevant laws and regulations are complied with. In addition, we also comply with internal regulations and strive to continuously improve our environmental performance and review it for appropriateness.

/ We promote the application of the state of the art and orient ourselves to current developments and pay particular attention to the conservation of natural resources and energy efficiency.

/ We make conscious use of raw materials and resources such as water and energy. We avoid and reduce waste where possible. We regularly monitor consumption with the aim of careful and efficient use.

/ We continuously reduce our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by using renewable energies.

/ Our goal is also the continuous improvement of our environmental performance through the constant reduction and prevention of environmental pollution within the scope of economic possibilities.

/ Our managers act as role models and ensure the transfer of knowledge for the employees.

/ Organisational precautions for environmentally relevant emergencies are in place.

/ We work continuously on the further development of the environmental and energy management system and use synergies with our existing management systems.

In occupational health and safety, Fronius has successfully implemented numerous measures in recent years that have been certified in accordance with ISO 45001. The safety and health of our employees and service providers are important to us and make a significant contribution to Fronius' success as a company.

/ We promote safe and healthy working conditions, design them according to the latest findings, thus minimizing work-related accidents and illnesses and increasing the well-being of our employees.

/ Acting on one's own responsibility is an essential part of our corporate culture and contributes to the achievement of the relevant health and safety objectives.

/ The SGA management system is continuously monitored and controlled using key figures. We continue to develop by reviewing the effectiveness of measures. We consistently use synergies with existing management systems.

/ We incorporate relevant laws and legal obligations for safety and health into technical, economic and social considerations in a timely manner. In addition, we adhere to internal guidelines and thereby make a significant contribution to a functioning management system.

/ Our managers act as role models and ensure the transfer of knowledge to the employees. Employees are involved in relevant decision-making processes.

Fronius is committed to the following principles with regard to sustainability (Sustainability Policy) according to ONR 192500:

/ With our spirit, our enthusiasm for new things and our know-how of energy conversion, we create sustainable innovative solutions.

/ Our responsibility is to make economically, socially and ecologically balanced decisions. We make an important contribution to a world worth living in.

/ We adhere to the following principles in our strategies, structures, processes and workflows:

/ We take responsibility for the impact of our decisions and activities on society, the economy and the environment and report on this at regular intervals.

/ In all our operations and activities, we respect the human rights of the United Nations.

/ Honesty, justice and righteousness are the basis of our actions.

/ We respect the expectations of our stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct and our internal rules are binding and provide orientation for all employees, for the autonomous performance of tasks and activities.

/ Especially for decisions and activities that have an impact on society or the environment, we report transparently on the purpose, nature and location of our activities.

/ Relevant laws and regulations are complied with.

/ In addition, we strive to continuously improve our sustainability performance and review it for appropriateness.

Fronius operates an information security management system according to ISO 27001 and defines the following objectives to achieve the information security protection goals of confidentiality, integrity and availability:

/ Integration of IS requirements into the manufacturing and development process as well as the life cycle of products and services, thus the production of safe products and services

/ Compliance with customer requirements and ensuring a relationship of trust with customers

/ Ensuring the availability and integrity of mission-critical IT services

/ Compliance with the information security and data protection requirements resulting from legal, regulatory and internal guidelines

/ Protection of trade secrets

/ Protection of personal data of customers, employees, suppliers and other data subjects

/ Increase the safety awareness of all employees        

Fronius operates an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 and is committed to the following points as part of this:

/ We are committed to continuously improving the energy management system and energy performance. We support the achievement of our energy and climate protection goals through efficient and decarbonised production and infrastructure facilities. Our goals are based on the climate protection goals of the European Union and Austria as well as the long-term strengthening of energy-related competitiveness.

/ To fulfil this commitment, we provide the necessary information and resources.

/ We comply with relevant laws and regulations. In addition, we observe our internal process specifications to ensure the efficient use of energy.

/ We consider energy-efficient products, technologies and services that contribute to improving energy performance in planning, procurement and implementation, and we consider the entire life cycle.

/ We continuously work on the further development of the energy management system and use synergies with our other management systems and internal processes.

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